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The new way of energy

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An immediate response to the energy transition

There is another way for energy. A complementary way to those existing but which allows to produce locally, from renewable energies, at a fixed price, without subsidies and for optimal yields. This solution is self-consumption, which consists of producing and consuming green energy in the same place. A short-circuit energy production that increases the energy autonomy of each and by extension of the whole country.

The self-consumption devices deployed by OKwind Group combine renewable energy generators and artificial intelligence to increase the energy autonomy of agricultural or industrial production sites. These smart and connected solutions have been developed to meet every need and save energy.

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OKwind technologies certified by the Solar Impulse Foundation

OKwind technologies certified by the Solar Impulse Foundation

The self-consumption solutions developed by OKwind are certified by the Solar Impulse Foundation. Directed by Bertrand Piccard, this label recognizes 1,000 solutions that are both virtuous for the environmentally and profitable. The Solar Impulse Foundation is...

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