The new way for energy

Self-consumption for energy transition

The OKWind Group develops green energy production and consumption solutions with a short supply chain. Our overall approach to energy, combining energy generation and management, aims to reinforce energy self-sufficiency and accelerate the transition to the green economy.

With its unique technological ecosystem that combines energy production and management, the OKWind Group is helping self-consumption establish itself as a new way for energy. A solution that is quick to deploy, can be piloted in real time and is competitively priced without subventions.

We work every day to deploy local, low-carbon energy at a fixed cost without subventions to businesses and private individuals.

What do we believe in?

Energy via short supply chains

To respond to the climate emergency, the energy sector must accelerate change. Our belief:

decentralised production and self-consumption of energy provides a sustainable, quick-to-deploy, viable response to the challenges of energy transition.

What do we work for?

To allow businesses and private individuals to become independent actors in their energy production and consumption

OKWind solutions make it possible to reconcile competitivity, green energy and the local economy to promote the large-scale development of renewable energy without consuming public resources.


Our purpose

“To contribute to the emergence of a sustainable, prosperous future that allows everyone to take their energy destiny into their own hands”

Energy is at the heart of the transition to a green economy. Our self-consumption solutions, combining green energy generation and energy management, give everyone the chance to take their energy destiny into their own hands and contribute to creating a better future. Self-consumption also offers fixed price energy during exploitation, freeing our customers from price fluctuation.


A key actor in new energy sources, the OKWind Group is the self-consumption specialist for business sites. The OKWind Group deploys its technology on the agricultural, industrial, community and private consumer markets.


First installation


for self-consumption on business sites in France


employees including 19 R&D engineers

100 %

French innovation

+ 2000

installations in France in 2021

+ 1500

customers in 2021


A naturally engaged company, the OKWind Group implements a CSR policy that guides its actions in three areas.

A local partner

Enable its customers to decarbonise with minimal cost to their business.

Provide up to 70% energy self-sufficiency for energy savings of up to 20%

A comitted producer

  • Technologies with low carbon footprints
    • Carbon emissions: 2x lower than the average for the French photovoltaic marke
  • Non-artificialization of soils
  • Improve local biodiversity.

A local actor that acts locally, close to its stakeholders in the common interest.

  • Promoting the CSR approach to stakeholders
  • Approach serving the common good
    • Short circuit approach to irrigate territories with green energy without reinforcing distribution networks
    • Creation of value in rural areas

The OKwind Group addresses three Sustainable Development Objectives through its solutions recognized in particular by the Solar Impulse Foundation.



Recognition for our company