Interplume, a specialist in feather and down processing trusts OKwind to install 17 solar trackers on its industrial site.

In line with the actions undertaken by Interplume as part of its environmental policy, the company has opted to install 17 OKwind two-sided and two-axis solar trackers on its site located in Sainte-Hermine (85). 11 trackers will meet 20% of the factory’s energy needs and 6 trackers will meet 34% of the energy needs of the wastewater treatment plant installed by the company near its industrial site. This park of solar trackers will be the largest in the Loire region.

Committed to the energy transition

Today, a majority of manufacturers and individuals are dependent on fluctuating energy costs. Faced with these soaring prices and the environmental challenges we face, a transition to a greener energy mix is essential.

In this context, OKwind gives everyone the opportunity to become more autonomous through self-consumption. This practice consists of producing one’s own solar energy to be consumed on site, as a substitute for energy drawn from the grid.

The OKwind technology chosen by Interplume is based on solar trackers which, like sunflowers following the sun’s curve, generate stable and linear energy throughout the day. These solar trackers are coupled with energy management systems that anticipate production and optimize consumption towards the appropriate stations.

“Faced with the climate emergency and the necessary energy transition that it implies, OKwind’s role is to provide professionals and individuals with turnkey solutions so that they can participate in the change immediately. In this sense, the model developed by Interplume, which has already implemented several large-scale projects to limit its impact on the environment, is an example to follow. It is no longer time for reflection but for action. We must act collectively to create a new energy deal,” says Louis Maurice, founder and president of OKwind.

A constantly evolving environmental approach

For Interplume, the challenge is to continuously improve its environmental performance. The company has already built a methanization plant near its site, which supplies part of its thermal needs, as well as its own water treatment plant that treats all of the water used. In line with these actions, Interplume is now investing in the installation of solar trackers to produce part of its energy needs.

This commitment across the entire value chain contributes to reducing the company’s carbon footprint and enables it to guarantee quality products and services to the textile, bedding and furniture, chemical and agricultural industries, based on an eco-responsible policy that goes beyond legal requirements.

“Interplume has been involved in a very active CSR policy for several decades, both in the social and environmental aspects. Recycling of water resources and methanization are subjects that we have now mastered, and to produce Made In France feathers and down in an even more natural and virtuous way, what better way than to use solar energy to make our quality shine in the firmament!” announces Jean-Philippe Catusse, President of Interplume.