Agriculture and animal husbandry

Is your electricity bill increasing every year and affecting the profitability of your operation?

Produce and self-consume renewable energy to reduce your energy bills by 30-40% and become more self-sufficient in energy

Why does self-consumption reduce your electricity bill?

With self-consumption, the electricity produced by your PV system is consumed instantly on site, replacing energy drawn from the network.

With self-consumption, you don’t pay the electricity transport tax and other fees that represent 60% of your bill.

Recognised expertise adapted by sector

To get even closer to your needs and the reality of your business, OKwind uses the expertise of specialist teams on the ground to offer you the system best-suited to each activity. 

Dairy farm

Poultry farm

Pig farm


The advantages of the OKwind solution

  • Planned, stable expenditure of your energy bill
  • A return on investment time of less than ten years
  • Free use of the ground under the trackers, which allows polyculture
  • No constraints related to building structure or insurance risks
  • A simplified administrative procedure
  • A spectacular demonstration of your green commitments