OKwind Group, member of the French Tech 120 program for the second consecutive year

For the second year in a row, the OKwind group has joined the FrenchTech 120 program. This national program aims to support the growth of world-class technology leaders. This new selection thus comes to greet and reinforce the exponential development of the company created and established in Brittany since 2009. Thanks to its approach that combines self-consumption and energy management by mobilizing solar tracker technology coupled with artificial intelligence, the OKwind Group is opening up a new path for energy in France and enabling everyone to take a step towards energy autonomy.

Self-consumption for better energy management

“Energy is our future, let’s produce it ourselves” could be the rallying cry of the OKWind Group. Since its creation, the young company has made energy self-consumption its battle. An approach that consists in producing its own solar energy to consume it on the spot in substitution of the energy drawn from the network. Self-generation of electricity reduces dependence on energy suppliers by 30 to 70% and reduces the impact of energy cost fluctuations. A new way of energy in short circuit which finds an echo more and more strong in the current context of uncertainty around the energy. Although OKwind initially developed in the agricultural sector, the company has also been offering its technologies to industrial companies and local authorities for several years now, particularly for the production of electricity at wastewater treatment plants. Since 2021, OKwind has expanded its offer to the general public under a dedicated brand called Lumioo. To date, more than 2,000 OKwind solar trackers are producing energy throughout France.

FT120: a recognition for a French company that invents a new way for energy

Created in 2009 by Louis Maurice and Daniel Heulot, in Vitré, Brittany, OKwind works to develop the production and consumption of energy in short circuits. The aim is to strengthen energy independence and accelerate the ecological transition. The technologies developed by the company allow its customers to integrate energy production into their operations and participate in the development of solar energy. A real breakthrough when energy is often considered as an external supply with a high price variability. The OKWind Group has experienced annual growth of over 30% in recent years. With 10 employees in 2009, the OKWind Group now has a staff of 125 people, including 22 in R&D. 41 new employees have been recruited in 2021 and the OKWind Group plans to recruit many more in the years to come.

For Louis Maurice, President and founder of the OKwind Group: “The integration of the OKwind Group in the FT120 program confirms the economic dynamics of our company but also the relevance of our fight. Other ways for energy are possible today by combining renewable energy, technology and proximity. If OKwind is growing exponentially, it’s partly because more and more people, both professionals and individuals, are deciding to take back control of their energy production. Our solutions are ultra-suitable to the current energy revolution: renewable, efficient, local, low-carbon and accessible.”