OKwind opens two new agencies in Amiens and Nancy

The two new agencies join those of Nantes, Loudéac, Lyon and Toulouse to reinforce the network of the territory. A development of the coverage of the territory to be closer to our customers and to those who want to explore new ways for energy.

A national network to be closer to consumers

OKwind is continuing its development with the opening of two new agencies in Nancy and Amiens, which will enable it to expand its presence in the North and East of France. Established in Brittany, the company is now very present in the West and South of France with a plan to cover the whole territory and international projects. The opening of these agencies is in line with the increasing production and consumption of renewable energies, which goes hand in hand with OKwind’s vision of being as close as possible to its customers throughout the value chain in order to provide them with a turnkey solution that meets their needs.

Energy self-consumption, energy management, agrivoltaics… new ways to use energy
The current energy crisis has shown the limits of the French energy model: exploding prices, dependence on fossil fuels, uncertainty… The solutions developed by OKwind allow each citizen, both professionals and individuals, to take back control of his or her energy by becoming both a producer and a consumer of their own energy.

Taking back control of one’s energy with OKwind solutions means, for example :

For a community, the possibility of controlling its energy budget linked to water treatment, which represents a significant part of a municipality’s energy expenses.
For an industrial company, it allows to ensure a green energy at a fixed price. From 50 euros/MWh at the beginning of 2021, the wholesale price rose to 222 euros/MWh in December 2021. In the summer of 2022, it could rise to 700 euros.
For a farmer, OKwind opens the doors to agrivoltaics, which allows energy production to be combined with agricultural production without affecting the latter.
Thanks to its solutions adapted to each sector, OKwind allows the rapid development of renewable energy in the territories with more than 3000 installations in operation.

Tomorrow, all energy producers and consumers thanks to solar trackers

They are blooming in the fields, in the gardens or on the parking lots. They look like the trees of the future or sunflowers (depending on your choice). They are the solar trackers produced by OKwind on its site in Vitré, Brittany, and assembled on site. These two-sided photovoltaic panels mounted on a mast follow the sun’s path all day long and are 70% more efficient than panels installed on the roof. OKWind’s dual-axis solar trackers use an astronomical algorithm (which calculates the theoretical position of the sun) and a control software that orients the photovoltaic panels perpendicularly to the sun to produce a stable and linear energy throughout the day. Easily deployable, this technology is thus particularly well suited to meet urgent energy production needs and common renewable energy deployment trajectories.

For Louis Maurice, President of OKwind Group: “We are at the heart of a citizen’s energy revolution. Soaring energy prices have led everyone to question their use of energy. But to switch to another model, we need solutions. This is what we propose at OKwind: to produce and consume our own green energy while contributing to the development of a more local and resilient energy system. The establishment of these new branches in the North will make our solutions even more accessible to all those who really want to take back control of their energy quickly.”