Towards stronger, less dependent agriculture meeting the challenges of climate disruption

Protect your crops and animals while producing renewable energy.

L’agrivoltaïsme : combiner production d’énergie et production agricole

According to the ADEME, “a PV facility can be qualified as agrivoltaic if its PV modules are situated on the same area of land as agricultural production and they affect it by directly providing one of the services mentioned below without causing significant degradation to agricultural production or a decrease in the income generated by that production.

  • Adaption to climate change
  • Access to contingency protection
  • Improvements in animal welfare
  • A specific agronomic service for cultural needs (limiting abiotic stress etc.)”

OKwind’sagrivoltaic solutions fall fully within this scope. They allow farmers and and breeders to optimise their income by combining agricultural production and energy generation without conflict.

A breakthrough innovation for agricultural performance

The OKwind technological ecosystem puts agrivoltaics within the reach of all farmers and breeders. Affordable and easy to deploy, our solutions respond to changes in agriculture and meet the needs of those making such changes:

Dual-axis, two-sided trackers for enhanced productivity

Discover our range of solar trackers

Mobile shade that protects crops and animals from excess solar irradiation

Like trees, our solar trackers produce shade all day long. 

Unrestricted use of the ground under trackers allows polyculture and animal husbandry

The height of the solar trackers and their low ground coverage (and/or smart positioning) lets agricultural machinery pass below (even the tallest and widest).

No soil damage, reversible

The solar trackers can be removed and relocated if necessary.

Concrete, immediate advantages for agriculture.

Agronomic yields protected

Better animal welfare

Improved biodiversity

A low, fixed cost for renewable energy

Shade: a new advantage for agriculture

Solar trackers generate shade that protects animals and plants.

Shade generated by a tracker during a summer day

Shade distribution in a field equipped with six trackers.

A committed actor in industry development

To support the development of agrivoltaics, OKwind is involved in research and industry structuration.

A research agreement with the CNRS Two CIFFRE theses 

  • Agronomic yields
  • Biodiversity

Testing in France (around 20 test sites), distributed as follows:

  • North/South & East/West throughout France 
  • On four different crops (corn, wheat, barley, rape) + meadows

Managed by an agricultural PhD in Paris (employed by the OKwind Group)

Administrator for France Agrivoltaïsme and Chair of the Agrivoltaic Technologies Commission

Solutions for all agricultural activities

Dairy farm

Our solar trackers create shade for cows, very sensitive to heat and the sun.

Poultry farm

Our solar trackers integrate the poultry process and allow the animals to be separated.

Pig farm

Our trackers’ low ground coverage means they can be installed in fields for polyculture.

Arable crops

The height of the masts and low ground coverage make our trackers suitable for all culture systems, all cultures and all agricultural machinery (even the tallest and widest)