Overall approach to energy

By your side across the whole value chain

OKWind acts on the whole of the self-consumption value chain. We use our expertise to support customers in changing their energy consumption habits at every step. Our design and engineering department, combined with our technologies (solar trackers, IoT, data monitoring, storage etc.) allows us to deploy the most appropriate system for each site.

This overall approach ensures that our customers (business and private) have self-consumption solutions that let them stay in control of their energy bills.

Cutting edge technologies for energy efficiency

Since its creation, OKWind has relied on sustained R&D to develop the most innovative self-consumption technologies. Our versatile team includes more than 20 engineers and researchers specialised in mechanics and structures, electronic engineering, embedded systems and Web Services.   This cross-disciplinary approach to R&D lets us work continuously on both developing our smart energy generation systems and on connected, digital applications at the same time. Our goal is to obtain the highest self-consumption rates.

Specific research programmes are ongoing in certain sectors. Two CIFRE theses are currently underway within the group on agrivoltaics. This sector-based approach helps us better respond to needs.

Support from prestigious schools and universities,
research laboratories and leading industry

A sector-based approach

At the OKWind Group we know that each site has its own energy characteristics (overall consumption, consumption profile etc.) A pig farm does not operate in the same way as cattle farm or chicken farm. Cold storage warehouses and water treatment plants have specific energy requirements. Each site has its own energy production capacity, which also depends on its location.

Using our self-consumption and energy management experience, we have developed an approach based on market segment to meet each need. Our solutions are adapted to each sector and each user. Our team of industry experts on the ground will support you at every step.