[PHOTO GALLERY] OKwind and the cooperative of Les Poulets de Janzé, in the presence of climatologist Jean Jouzel, inaugurate a new project of self-consumption of renewable energy for farmers.

Louis Maurice, President of Okwind, Marina Maussion, President of Les Poulets de Janzé, with the exceptional presence of Jean Jouzel, climatologist, vice-president of the scientific group of the IPCC for more than 10 years and gold medalist of the CNRS invited journalists, institutions and partners to the inauguration of a solar tracker on a poultry farm located in Piré-Chancé. This event follows the announcement, a few months ago, of a commercial agreement between Les Poulets de Janzé and the Okwind group for the installation of 65 trackers that will cover 100% of the needs of the cooperative’s 400 chicken coops.

From left to right: Stéphane Letué (Director of Les Poulets de Janzé), Dominique Denieul (Mayor of Piré-Chancé), Louis Maurice (President of OKwind), Jean Jouzel (Climatologist), Nicolas Giboire (Poultry farmer of Janzé), Marina Maussion (President of Les Poulets de Janzé), Patrick Giboire (Nicolas Giboire’s father – Former poultry farmer of Janzé), Hubert Paris (Mayor of Janzé)