Industry and groups

Is your electricity bill increasing every year and affecting your ability to compete?

Produce and self-consume renewable energy to reduce your energy bills by 30-40% and recharge your electric vehicles.

Why does self-consumption reduce your electricity bill?

With self-consumption, the electricity produced by your PV system is consumed instantly on site, replacing energy drawn from the network.

With self-consumption, you don’t pay the electricity transport tax and other fees that represent 60% of your bill.

A tailormade solution to help you produce better

To get even closer to your needs and the reality of your business, OKwind uses the expertise of specialist teams on the ground to offer you the system best-suited to your production.

Industrial buildings

Self-consumption of renewable energy for energy transition and industry 4.0

Water treatment plants

A unique solution dedicated to sanitation issues to produce and save energy for users.

Electricity utilities

Miniature PV power stations close to and supporting low-voltage lines: 10 trackers for installed power of 220 kWc equivalent to 375 kWc for a fixed system.

  • Technology 100% Made in France
  • A planned, stable cost over 30 years
  • A return on investment time of less than ten years
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low ground coverage
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Simplified administrative procedure