An overall approach to optimising self-consumption

Self-consumption consists of producing and consuming energy on a single site. Since 2009, the OKWind Group has been developing self-consumption solutions that are unique on the market, based on two complementary and inseparable pillars:

Renewable energy generation

Generating and consuming your own energy via smart, efficient PV trackers

Energy management

Smart management of energy production and consumption using AI and machine learning solutions

A unique expertise that allows:

  • sizing of self-consumption facilities in relation to the real needs of sites
  • real time monitoring of energy production and consumption
  • process optimisation to reduce consumption

Self-consumption by Okwind

Smart renewable energy generators

OKWind a développé une gamme de trackers solaires OKWind has developed a range of smart, connected solar trackers to meet the energy needs of business and individuals. Inspired by sunflowers, the two-sided, dual axis trackers offer unique performance levels that are ideally suited to self-consumption.

  • + 70% efficiency compared to a fixed PV system
  • Stable, linear production from sunset to sunrise
  • Integration of current and predicted metrological data
  • No damage to soils due to low ground coverage
  • No constraints related to building structure
  • 98 % recyclable and Made in France

Artificial intelligence for energy management

The OKWind Group uses data and artificial intelligence for energy efficiency. Our algorithms have been developed to work in tandem with our renewable energy generation solutions. This means that the OKWind Group now offers a complete ecosystem, providing easy management of your energy with products and applications that work in synergy.  

  • Data monitoring (24:7), thanks to real time production and consumption monitoring that help you manage your needs intelligently
  • Machine learning, our algorithms are associated with trackers that let you predict and adjust production in real time according to weather conditions and the site’s energy needs
  • Optimisation of the consumption of energy produced to appropriate posts
  • Process optimisation to reduce energy consumption
  • Low-cost storage of surplus renewable energy – no waste

Why not switch to self-consumption ?

A simple, cost-effective solution

  • Fast deployment -Stable electricity prices for 30 years without subventions
  • Return on investment within ten years

Energy optimisation

  • Up to 70% energy self-sufficiency
  • Up to 20% energy savings

Carbon footprint

  • The lowest on the market
  • Short supply chain energy that guarantees local production and consumption.

Learn new consumption habits: your energy close to hand

Monitor the operating of your system live, wherever you are, using the OKWind application, available on your smartphone or computer. The customer portal lets you see your electricity production and consumption levels, performance indicators and the status of your system in real time.  

Simple indicators that help you consume better and reduce your energy bills.