The Solarenn cooperative equips its production site with OKwind technologies

Solarenn, the fifth largest operator in the French tomato market, has chosen OKwind’s intelligent photovoltaic tracker technology. The two companies, based in Brittany (France), are acting with one voice as players in the ecological transition, committed to their territories.

Being an actor in a new, greener energy mix
For Solarenn, the choice of OKwind technologies is strategic. The cooperative has been committed for several years to reducing its energy consumption and this is achieved through renewable sources. The local partnership favors the local economy. Other significant advantages are that the installation is suitable for summer consumption and the production site in Saint-Armel has available land.
This technology is also non-artificializing for the soil since it guarantees free use of the surfaces located under the trackers and promotes local biodiversity as well as agronomic yields thanks to the mobile shade created by the trackers’ movements, which protects the crops from too much solar radiation.

“For more than 10 years, Solarenn has been deploying numerous actions in favor of energy savings. Energy is both an environmental and an economic issue. Within the framework of the law on energy transition for green growth by 2023, the cooperative is pursuing its commitments and investments. The installation of four solar trackers will make it possible to cover all of the resort’s winter consumption and nearly 15% of its summer consumption,” explains Christophe Rousse, President of Solarenn.

The solution proposed by OKwind for Solarenn allows to reconcile green energy, proximity and competitiveness thanks to the production of renewable energy, consumed on site by the producer himself, to meet his energy needs in substitution of the energy drawn from the grid. This self-consumption allows Solarenn to reduce their energy bill by 10 to 50%, depending on the season.