Our solutions

Why use OKwind’s energy self-consumption solutions?

Guarantee a fixed price for your electricity

Electricity prices fluctuate considerably and affect your competitivity and visibility in the medium term.

The OKwind Group’s solutions guarantee a stable cost, planned over time.

Ensure energy self-sufficiency

Today’s energy market depends on many factors including some that are geostrategic. A dependency model that is now revealing its limits.

With self-consumption, the electricity produced by your PV system is consumed on site via a short supply chain, replacing the energy taken from the network.

Act now for the climate

Face aux défis du changement climatique, notre mix énergétique doit évoluer dés maiIn the face of the challenges of climate change, our energy mix must adapt now.
PV is coming to the fore as one of the renewable energies that is quickest to deploy to reach carbon neutral targets.

Un affichage spectaculaire de vos engagements environnementaux grâce aux solutions A spectacular demonstration of your green commitments thanks to OKwind solutions that combine high energy efficiency with a very low carbon footprint.

Lower your energy bills

Today, energy is often something to be endured or considered as an external factor to business. With energy management, you control your energy consumption.

OKwind Group solutions help you better manage your energy to save you money.

A connected technology ecosystem for energy efficiency

So that everyone, business and private customers, can save energy, the OKwind Group has developed an ecosystem of smart, interconnected technologies. To maximise the benefits of self-consumption, we adapt this global ecosystem to each need and each market based on four pillars:

  1. Generation of renewable energy with our solar trackers
  2. Energy management through artificial intelligence and DATA
  3. Real time monitoring on our application
  4. Storage via our thermal accumulators

OKwind solar trackers guarantee stable, linear renewable energy production all day long

To provide the best self-consumption performance, the OKwind Group has developed a range of smart PV trackers. Thanks to the “sunflower” effect, our dual axis, two-sided trackers, also known as mobile panels, provide stable, linear production all day long.

  • Made up of a mast, head, plate and two motorised arms, the tracker continually directs all of its PV panels to face the sun.  
  • The tracker’s production is also increased through the use of two-sided panels that capture light from the front surface and also, using reflection, from the rear surface. The height of the mast also provides excellent ventilation for the panels, which helps improve their yield.
  • Thanks to our safety systems, the solar trackers move to a horizontal position in the event of strong winds.

Download the tracker technical sheet for professionals

  • Technology 100% Made in France
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low ground coverage
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Simplified administrative procedure

Managing energy with digital

To increase the energy self-sufficiency rate, OKwind integrates the DATA and Artificial Intelligence revolution in developing all of its products.  This data-centric approach combines algorithms with our energy generation solutions to optimise performance.

On every site, the Internet of Things (IoT) lets the various system elements communicate among themselves. A connected ecosystem that allows energy production management in real time and optimises energy efficiency.

On an overall level, our control room monitors the production of each installation in real time and alerts us in the event of anomalies. The data collected by each OKwind facility is used to enhance our Artificial Intelligence programmes to strengthen our self-consumption performance.

Real time monitoring with OKwind applications

Monitor the operation of your system live using OKwind applications, available on your smartphone or computer. The customer portal lets you see electricity production and consumption levels, performance indicators and the status of your system in real time.

  • Track each of your solar trackers individually, your energy consumption and self-consumption percentage and energy self-sufficiency.
  • Weather forecasts for the next 72 hours so you can adapt your electricity use and get the most from your PV system. 
  • Get regular updates on your trackers’ performance. 
  • Alert and be alerted in the event of degraded operating of your system.

Renewable energy storage – it is possible

To improve your energy self-sufficiency, the OKwind Group has developed accumulators that store excess energy from your PV system in thermal or electric form.

For example, the OKwind thermal accumulator, located upstream of your existing hot water production system, will heat your water during the day every time your electricity generation level starts to exceed your electricity consumption level. Part of the energy that was used to heat water at night, during off-peak hours, is used in the daytime during the production hours of the PV system. 

The advantages of the OKwind thermal accumulator:

  • Up to 30% more self-consumption and 15% more self-sufficiency
  • Up to ten times more economic than an electric battery storage system    
  • Compatible with domestic hot water 
  • Easy installation without intervention on your process